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Founded in 2005, Active Fashion India is the leading T shirt manufacturer,T shirt exporter in India and well-known for transforming the businesses into ‘brands’.

Unlimited Customization
Get awesome customized apparels
Made in India
High quality and lowest prices


Ours is a wide range of product varieties catering to varied ages and categories like students, sportswear, corporates or what so ever. We get a brief from the client, create the artwork if essential, get it approved and made on time. ‘delivery on date’ is our core idea be it the staff uniform, team kit or promotional t-shirts.


Born in 2005 active fashion india has picked up and the baby has grown in size to receive support for good quality at an economical price.


The market survey very well made it obvious that customers are disturbed by indifferent attitudes and poor services. The delay in delivery upsets them a lot. Henceforth the seed for us was sowed hoping – that it would develop enough to promote Prompt delivery, 
a wide range of products with ethics, benefits and quality prioritised.


Export business outside India


Happy customers


Revenue made in previous year

CEO's are made, Not born

Corporate Management

As the founder, president and CEO, Mr Vipin Gupta is responsible for building Active fashion India and guiding the company’s strategy.

We provide knitted garments with products of excellent quality and design at more reasonable prices. We are dedicated to promoting happiness through fashion and enhancing fashion sense and value of consumption. Our management philosophy is that fashion contributes to customers’ happiness. We hope you will be with us in the bright future as we keep going forward to realize our good vision as a total fashion provider. We are supplying t-shirts to Gurgaon, Noida and other states.

We are chosen by 3000+ clients

4.9/5 Customer Ratings

We make sure that each and every client is happy ❤️

High Quality Apparels
Lowest prices
Delivery on time
Express international shipping


Exporter of T-shirts & Caps

From America to Australia, we have exported t-shirts & caps, worth half a million USD. Our polo neck t-shirts and promotional caps are exported significantly. We follow a strict size chart as per the respective country. We also provide certificates of origin to all importers via us. Don’t hesitate to contact us.