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We provide customization services on apparels which can be collar tipping, printing or stitching.
T shirts can also be made as per client’s size chart and pattern.

Screen Printing

Screen printing is the most preferred type of printing on t shirts.

Offset Printing

This printing is generally done on event purpose apparels.

Sublimation printing

Sublimation can be done only on light color polyester t shirt.


Embroidery is most used customization type on t shirts.

Printed tshirts manufacturer in delhi

Active fashion India specialises in Qualitative Printing for T-Shirts. While the emphasis is on screen-printing, with massively supported ranges, 

As a recommendation to all customers: the use of screen-printing technique is of superior quality, compared to the others, when printing on cotton. The colors are vibrant, bright and washed at 40 degrees without hassle. Using digital, sublimation or heat transfer methods.

Established in Delhi since 2004, Active fashion India has made name for itself in the T-Shirt printing industry, supplying to an enviable customer base across India and the world. 

Two key points are accounted in

* type of the t-shirt

* printing methodology 

The management of the above two would result in customer dissatisfaction.

There are 2 categories of clients. One may expect economical, disposable, promotional t-shirts where the rock-bottom price is the key, while the others may be brand conscious high quality item. This guide may help you clarify your doubts and help and decide your needs. Else feel free to contact by phone or mails.


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